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Friday, September 5, 2014

Alien DNA paradigm redux (1999 - 2014 & ongoing)

"    Hair of the Alien" - "the single most convincing fact ever found in support of the physical reality of aliens" - Whitley Strieber author of the best selling book “Communion” - in "Whitley's Journal", Sunday August 7th, 2005

“In his remarkable book (“Hair of the Alien”) leading Australian researcher Bill Chalker, who has a background in chemistry and mathematics, describes his exemplary investigations into what has turned out to be arguably the most convincing case for alien abduction (the Peter Khoury case)”  - Timothy Good “Earth – an alien Enterprise” (2013)

      Historian Richard Dolan has included a limited summary of the breakthrough Khoury “Hair of the Alien” DNA research story in his book “UFOs for the 21st century mind – a fresh guide to an ancient mystery” (2014) as a good example of “Encounters with “Them” that “are difficult to dismiss out of hand.”
      "Hair of the Alien" brings us closer than ever before to understanding our past, our origins, and our place in the universe" - from the back cover of the book.
The "alien DNA paradigm" focuses on evidence for alien genetic “intelligent intervention” in various cultures (particularly indigenous cultures) around the world, and has been  driven by:
• Locations with high strangeness/breakthrough activities with UFOs, light phenomena, alien abductions
• cultures that feature “sky being” claims, diverse UFO phenomena
• possible unusual DNA markers within these cultures or present selectively or generically in human DNA
• locations or regions which bring together each of these factors (UFO “haunted” location, alien mediated culture, DNA aspects). 
I've drawn together a number of posts that link into "the alien DNA paradigm" hypothesis research Start with the following:
then check out the other posts on this site for some interesting connections.

From the H2 channel "Ancient Aliens" episode in Season 6 which featured the Khoury hair case with Peter Khoury, Dr. Horace Drew and myself briefly discussing the investigation & research

The catalyst for the Alien DNA paradigm - "Hair of the Alien" (available through Amazon in soft cover book & e-book)

Peter Khoury (right) passes a polygraph test conducted by Gavin Wilson

Bill Chalker (physical inorganic chemist) with Dr. Horace Drew (biochemist) who led the DNA studies that highlighted "hybrid" DNA characteristics in the unusual hair sample found during Peter Khoury's strange 1992 experience in Sydney.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Hair of the Alien investigation - revised and improved video link (September 2013) of interview done in 2005

Courtesy of Mike Williams of Strange Nation here is a better quality version of an interview he did with me back in 2005.  The "reptilian" tagging that Mike refers to, comes with the territory I guess, but those sorts of silly things say more about the people making them than those targeted.  I don't entirely share Mike's "blanket" criticism of the local UFO community.  There are a lot of good researchers and investigators, but I would agree that there has been some that nudge the "fringe":
Here are the Strange Nation and You Tube links to the interview:
In the interview from 2005 I was not in a position to identify the scientist who led the biochemical team that did the DNA forensic analysis of the Khoury hair sample and was the author of the reports found in the appendix section of my 2005 book "Hair of the Alien".   He has kindly allowed me to identify him, my friend Dr. Horace Drew who had worked for decades as a head research scientist in the CSIRO, Australia's leading scientific research organisation and co-authored the authorative reference "Understanding DNA".  
Contrary to the claims of the Skeptics, in their strikingly unscientific attempts to debunk the case, my summary chapter of Horace's data reports was accurate and his interest in things like UFOs, alien abduction accounts and crop circles does not invalidate his impressive credentials as a DNA scientist. Of course if one doesn't bother with doing serious research like for example actually reading the whole book written on the case - "Hair of the Alien" (which can be acquired via Amazon), and instead bases their analysis and commentary on only reading excerpts of the book (via the "look inside the book" feature on Amazon), then their analyses will and has been very flawed and unscientific.  Their form of "skepticism" is more appropriately seen as unscientific skepticism and debunking, rather than scientific skepticism.  Organisations like the Skeptics claim they champion science and critical thinking.  Pity it is not reflected in a lot of their engagements with serious attempts to do good research in the UFO area.
Thank you Mike Williams from Strange Nation

The Fourth Level and the Fourth Kind - a post from 2006

One of the most interesting books I have read recently  is "TREADING LIGHTLY The hidden Wisdom of the world's oldest people" (2006) by Professor Karl-Erik Sveiby (a specialist in Knowledge Management) and Tex Skuthorpe (an aboriginal Nhunggabarra cultural custodian).

The book represents "a unique journey into traditional Aboriginal life and culture, and offers a powerful and original model for building sustainable organisations, communities and 
ecologies. It is a compelling message for today's world."
This central message of the book is well worth your time to explore. Indeed it is of vital importance.

The different explorations of Karl-Erik Sveiby and I intersected rather unusually in 2004 when he approached me and researcher Steve Walters to get our opinions on a strange photographic anomaly - a possible aerial anomaly - he had recorded during April 2004 at Mount Oxley near Bourke New South Wales while in the company of Tex Skuthorpe and his partner. Karl-Erik presents the unusual photo in the book as a possible manifestation of the Fourth Level of meaning in aboriginal stories - the spiritual realm. Through the fascinating aboriginal story of How the Nhunggabarra got flowers Mount Oxley (or Wubi-Wubi) was a focus of shamanic contact between aboriginal men of high degree (or wiringins) and the ancestral being Baiame (Baayami) .

Mount Oxley had already become an interesting place for me. I visited it back in September 2003 exploring its fascinating sense of presence and its enigmatic lore of strange phenomena. I was already aware of the legend of the flowers through the renderings of K. Langloh Parker of local aboriginal tales she collected in the late 1890s and it was fascinating to see the story retold through the words of local custodian Tex Skuthorpe and its "Fourth Level" of meaning, and its beautiful evocation through Tex's great paintings.

While prosaic explanations may be evident for the photo anomaly Karl-Erik recorded it is fascinating to consider the context he and Tex explore in their important book. I certainly do not want to distract from the central message of "Treading Lightly" given its significance as a potent intersection between a remarkable old culture and modern knowledge management theory.

However I suspect there are fascinating resonances between the concepts of "Fourth Level" (through "Treading Lightly" - shamanic spiritual interactions) and "Fourth Kind" (through "alien abductions") - intersections I have been contemplating for some time. See for example my article "Alien Abductions: A Shamanic Perspective of UFOs" in Nature and Health magazine (August 1980) see:

Most importantly though there are powerful and important matters that need to be focused upon by our modern culture. Explore some of these in the book "Treading Lightly" and through the related web site. See:
The book and its message is worth your detailed exploration.

Photos: the mysterious rock "craters" on Mount Oxley (September 2003) and Mount Oxley in view (photos copyright Bill Chalker).

Naga fireballs, hill tribe meetings and UFO discussions & lectures - journeys in Thailand & China

Here are some photos from my October visits to Thailand and China: The Naga fireballs of the Mekong captured on video; hill tribe meetings; meetings and lectures (Yunnan University & Beijing University) in Kunming & Beijing in China. All photos copyright: Bill Chalker

2006 What a year .... 2007? Bring it on ....

Reflecting on the past year I realise why some things just didn't get done. If I haven't contacted you or followed up please consider the following good reasons (which are only the tip of the 2006 "iceberg"):

1) Interest in my new book "Hair of the Alien", published in the US during 2005, remained strong into 2006, with lots of enquiries and requests for lecturing and information.
2) During March I gave a lecture on the Gold coast in Queensland, which also allowed me to catch up with the AUFORN Qld team.
3) An "Oz files" piece in the magazine Take 5 during March generated a lot of feedback, with many interesting sightings, which I'm still following up. For those I haven't contacted yet, my apologises, but I will get there eventually. In the interim thank you to those great people who reported their UFO experiences, which all helps to enrich our understanding of the UFO experience. In August I scored an entry in Sydney's "City Weekly" magazine in "Sydney's coolest jobs - the most intriguing jobs around" as a humble "UFO researcher".
4) I got involved with the History channel filming their "UFO files - Deep Sea Red Alert" programme, which also allowed me to make contact with a local freelance camera man who had his own UFO connection and interest.
5) I had a great time in Melbourne during April with the Westall UFO "reunion" which brought together a lot of witnesses, interested parties and researchers all focused on the fascinating 1966 Westall school case.
6) During late May and early June I undertook another Outback expedition focusing on the 1969 "UFO crash saga". Further interesting data was gathered.
7) During July I gave another lecture at the Sydney Powerhouse museum to the Sydney Space Association - "UFOs - the great & secret show".
8) Extensive research and investigation preparations for a proposed expedition to Thailand & China was undertaken, but just before leaving in early October I was able to make it up to Brisbane to attend the UFO conference there. This fortunately allowed me to spend some time with British author Tim Good and Brazilian researcher A.J. Gevaerd, as well as many other researchers and interested parties. One of the highlights of the conference for me was to be able to make contact again with Albert Pennisi, the owner of the site of the famous 1966 Tully UFO "nest" event. Albert also gave a lecture which provided a great overview of the extraordinary UFO milieu that developed. It was also great to be able to discuss the Tully events with Albert's sons Adrian & Shane.
9) During the rest of October I was in Thailand and China on a fascinating expedition which focused on what could be called Phase 3 of the "Hair of the Alien" investigation (Phase 1 being the 1999 "Strange Evidence" publication of the hair shaft data; Phase 2 came with the hair root data and the publication of my book on the case "Hair of the Alien" and the focus it engendered, namely the alien DNA paradigm) which focused on some of the strange aspects of the fascinating DNA results that emerged from the investigation - particularly the possible Lahu connection.

(I have included a picture here of myself with researcher & writer Jim Goodman (right) in Chang Mai in northern Thailand. See above. Thanks Noi for taking the photo. Jim has lived in the region for many years and has written a number of good books that have focused on the hill tribes in northern Thailand and southern China. He wasn't phased by the strangeness of my enquiries about the Lahu and help me and my guide out with solid information. Thanks Jim & good luck with your continuing endeavours in documenting the wonderful hill tribe peoples of the region)
10) Since returning to Australia I seem to be in permanent catch-up mode, but I am looking forward to the new year which will again be full of research, investigation and sharing the results.
11) Amongst all this and family life I am still working on a history of the Sydney based UFO Investigation Centre UFOIC (1956-2006), which in itself has been a fascinating journey into the past and present.
12) Meanwhile I'm going to seriously try to catch up with my never-ending reading list, with includes all sorts of intriguing and sometimes bizarre content - all grist for the mind mill: such as "The Discovery of the Hobbit" by Mike Morwood & Penny Van Oosterzee, "Entangled Minds" by Dean Radin, Stanislav Grof's "When the Impossible Happens""The View from the Center of the Universe" by Joel Primack & Nancy Abrams, "The High Road to China" by Kate Teltscher, "The Jokes Over" by Ralph Steadman, "In the Naga's Wake" by Mick O'Shea (I found this in Sydney just after returning from my own embrace with the Naga's "wake" - in my case the wonderful and often intriguing Naga light festival on the Mekong), "The Shark God" by Charles Montgomery, and a lot of UFO related stuff - "the good, the bad and the ugly" - such as the Fatima trilogy by Joaquim Fernandes & Fina D'Armada ( I've read "Heavenly Lights" and getting into "Celestial Secrets"), "Mysterious Sky" by Philip Mantle & Paul Stonehill, "Hidden Truth, Forbidden Knowledge" by Steven Greer (a glutton for punishment, I decided my brain may have turned to "mush" upon my first reading of this "memoir", so a "retake" was in order) and a number of other books. Lately I find I have to occassionally reread books like Allen Hynek's "The UFO Experience" and Richard Hall's "The UFO Evidence" (the 1964 original and the 2001 followup) to get a "reality check" on what UFOs might really be all about. Mind you my ongoing case investigations anchor me well enough in that fascinating ongoing reality.
Have a great Christmas and New Year.

(Photos: copyright B. Chalker - also included is myself on the Great Wall at Badaling, near Beijing, China and friends in Beijing - Irene, my translator and Harvey, Zhang Jingping's associate, at the tea house UFO researcher gathering in October 2006.)

The Alien DNA Paradigm to be presented at UFOCUS NZ's FUTURE PERSPECTIVES Conference 2007

I will be delivering the following lecture: Alien Odyssey – the alien DNA paradigm and other UFO impacts at the New Zealand International "FUTURE PERSPECTIVES" conference at Rotorua on 30 September 2007.

My speech outline:
Bill Chalker takes you on an extraordinary odyssey researching the alien paradigm, anchored in the remarkable and provocative “alien hair” case of Peter Khoury in Australia, which has yielded breakthrough evidence that appears to support the idea that alien hybrids might be at the heart of the alien abduction controversy.

Bill will also describe some of his research from the last 3 decades, including his focus on physical evidence, history, military & official investigations and the fascinating Asian UFO experience.

An interesting line up of lectures is scheduled including the following UFO orientated presentations:

Suzanne Hansen "Corroborative Evidence of Contact", Diane Frola "From Dreamtime to Now: Australia's UFO Connections", Roger Leir "Alien Implants: the Final Scientific Word", Mary Rodwell "Awakening to our Multidimensional reality" and Graeme Opie "NZ UFO Sightings."

Full details of the conference can be found at the UFOCUS NZ web site:
Photo: Bill Chalker in Chang Mai northern Thailand 2007 undertaking research into Phase 3 of the research programme connected with the "Hair of the Alien" case

Binnall of America audio interview with Bill Chalker May 2008

Tim Binnall undertook a lengthy interview with me back on April 21 2008, which was placed up on BoA from May18, 2008:
Note that I no longer operate the site. Go to or for information that I have researched and written.
BoA:Audio returns to Down Under for a lengthy conversation with Australian Ufologist Bill Chalker. In this first installment, we'll be discussing the history of the UFO phenomenon in Australia, from Aboriginal times to key pre-1947 cases to noteworthy sightings from the UFO boom of the 1950's to the explosion in abduction research of the 1990's and onward. We'll hear about key cases like the 1954 "Sea Fury Incident", the Father Gill case, and the Mundrabilla case of 1988. Bill will also describe, in-depth, his forensic investigation into an alleged abduction that spawned the book "Hair of the Alien."
It's another international showcase for BoA:Audio as we continue our investigation of the global aspect of Ufology.
Full Preview: We kick things off with the usual bio/background on Bill Chalker and find out how he got interested in the UFO phenomenon. We begin our investigation of Australian Ufology by first finding out about the history of the phenomenon Down Under. He tells us about a key case from 1868 in Australia which resembled a contactee-type event and another key case from 1927 which resembled "an early version of the Mothman prophecy." We also talk about some of the Aboriginal history related to UFOs.
We compare and contrast the evolution of the UFO phenomenon in Australia with its American counterpart. This includes some fascinating perspective on how the UFO subject was viewed by the Australian media and public during the early years of the "modern UFO era." Bill tells us about the first big national UFO flap in Victoria, Australia in 1954. We find out if there has been any change in description of UFOs, as has seemed to be the case here in America.
Next, Bill talks about one of the key cases in Australian UFO history, starting with a detailed recounting of a 1954 sighting by an Australian Royal Australian Naval pilot, which drew national attention in Australia and was studied by famous US Ufologists Dr. Jim McDonald and J.Allen Hynek. We find out about the uniqueness of UFO waves in Australia, which Bill says "have a pretty distinct pattern." Bill tells us about the "Father Gill case" from 1959 in Papua New Guinea, then an Australian colony. Bill recounts the 1978 Valentich case, which saw a pilot disappear after a UFO encounter, a story which gained global prominence in UFO circles.
We also find out about the Mundrabilla case of 1988, another UFO encounter that gained worldwide prominence. Bill explains how this case changed the tenor of UFO reports in Australia and served as a cautionary tale for UFO witnesses in the country. Looking at the 1990's, Bill tells us about how the abduction phenomenon took the country by storm and pushed UFO reports to the wayside. We then find out about the two most prominent abduction cases in Australia, starting with the Kelly Cahill case. Bill shares a decision he made, with regards to the case, that he later says he grew to regret.
The other key abduction case discussed is Peter Khoury's abduction experience. Bill recounts Khoury's initial confusion over the abduction and the revelation of what had happened after seeing a billboard for the paperback release of "Communion" in Australia. This leads to Bill talking about Khoury's 1992 experience, that resulted in the recovery of physical evidence, the research of which would become the basis for Bill's book "Hair of the Alien."
Bill gives a detailed account of the testing done on the hair and the results from those tests. He goes over, in-depth, the four phases of the investigation into the purported ET hair and the bizarre DNA results that have come back from the testing of the hair. He also updates us on the progress of the case since publication of "Hair of the Alien." We find out the extent of which the DNA findings have been verified by outside researchers. He also talks about some of his other esoteric forensic investigations, including the "alien claw" case and Bill gives details on the results of his investigation into this case. He also talks about his forensic investigation into the Betty and Barney Hill case.
Bill Chalker Bio
Bill Chalker, born in Grafton, New South Wales (NSW), Australia, was educated at the University of New England, graduating with a Honours Science Degree (B.Sc. Hons.) with majors in Chemistry and Mathematics. Since 1975 he has worked in the food industry as an industrial chemist, laboratory manager and quality manager.
Bill Chalker is one of Australia's leading UFO researchers and has written extensively on the subject. He is a contributing editor for the International UFO Reporter and coordinates the NSW UFO INVESTIGATION CENTRE (UFOIC). He was the Australian representative for the Aerial Phenomena Research Organisation (APRO) from 1978 to 1986 and NSW state representative for the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) from 1976 to 1993.
In 1996 Bill Chalker's book on the Australia UFO experience, "The OZ Files: the Australian UFO story", was published in Australia by Duffy & Snellgrove. 2005 saw the publication of his second book "Hair of the Alien" which details his forensic investigation into the Peter Khoury abduction case.
His main site:
Next Week :
Bill Chalker (Part 2) Australian Ufology
Our ultra-long distance conversation with Australian Ufologist Bill Chalker continues. In this installment, we'll cover the history of Australian UFO studies from both a civilian and government perspective. We'll hear about the fascinating story of Edgar Jarrold and, also, Bill's examination of the official Australian UFO files. We'll discuss the media's coverage of the UFO phenomenon in Australia and how the general public feels about Unidentified Flying Objects in the land Down Under. On top of all that, we talk about the world of Chinese Ufology, something that Bill has been investigating for the last few years, and get a glimpse into this mysterious area of UFO research. All that and, of course, tons and tons more.
Standing alongside our examinations of South Africa and France, it's another eye-opening look at the world of UFO studies across the globe.

Tim Binnall has posted up the second part of the interview he did with me back on April 21 2008:

From his site:

Our ultra-long distance conversation with Australian Ufologist Bill Chalker continues. In this installment, we'll cover the history of Australian UFO studies from both a civilian and government perspective. We'll hear about the fascinating story of Edgar Jarrold and, also, Bill's examination of the official Australian UFO files. We'll discuss the media's coverage of the UFO phenomenon in Australia and how the general public feels about Unidentified Flying Objects in the land Down Under. On top of all that, we talk about the world of Chinese Ufology, something that Bill has been investigating for the last few years, and get a glimpse into this mysterious area of UFO research. All that and, of course, tons and tons more.
Standing alongside our examinations of South Africa and France, it's another eye-opening look at the world of UFO studies across the globe. Part 1 of the Bill Chalker interview can be found HERE.
Full Preview: We begin the second half by examining another aspect of Australian Ufology: the history of organized UFO studies Down Under, including the fascinating story of Edgar Jarrold, the "father of Australian Ufology." Looking at the situation in America, where serious minded scientists at first supported UFO studies and then, following the Condon Report, backed away, we find out how closely that situation was mirrored in Australia. This leads to Bill telling us about how he was granted direct access to the Australian UFO files in 1982 and discovered nuclear physicist Harry Turner, who played a pivotal role in clandestine military investigations into UFOs. Bill shares a stunning story of how friction between US Air Force officials and Donald Keyhoe resulted in the derailing of the first official Australian investigation into UFOs during the mid-1950's.
Bill also shares the remarkable story of how Harry Turner almost put together a "rapid intervention team" of military types to investigate UFO sightings and landings in Australia. He also reveals the shocking turn of events that stymied the RIT project, which surrounded the fallout of the Condon Report, that was felt all the way in Australia. We also find out how extensively the government investigated UFOs in the decades after that. Bill talks about an intriguing case, that he uncovered in the official UFO files, from 1973 in Western Australia, which co-incided with a nuclear alert and raised tensions between the US and Russia.
Jumping back to organized UFO studies, we get Bill's opinion on the state of Ufology in Australia today. Bill explains how the situation has changed, as far as organized UFO groups, in Australia since the inception of Ufology there in the 1950's and '60's. He talks about attempts to create a national network of UFO groups in Australia and some of the roadblocks that arose that made such an enterprise difficult.
Looking again at the government's role in investigating UFOs, we find out if there has even been an Australian version of Project Blue Book or an MOD defense desk job similar to the one formerly held in the UK by Nick Pope. Bill compares official Australian UFO investigations with civilian investigations and explains why the civilian ones seem to have more credibility. We get Bill's thoughts on the possibility of a UFO cover-up permeating the Australian government. This segues into some discussion on the Westall School case of 1966 and why Bill thinks it is a good example of potential government cover-up. Wrapping up the government / military discussion, we find out if there is much deference by the Australian officials to the US or UK governments, with regards to UFO issues. On this topic, Bill tells us about the 1953 Drury Film which was sent to America for analysis and returned with large portions of the film deleted.
Getting a little bit wild, we find out what Bill knows about the longstanding rumours of an alien base at Mt. Zeil and/or the Pine Gap facility in Australia.
Following that, we look at the next big pillar of influence on Ufology in Australia: the media. Bill tells us about how the media coverage of the UFO phenomenon has changed over the years in Australia. Bill details his observation that there is a "dumbing down" process at work and not engaging the substantial nature of the phenomenon. He talks about some of his experiences working with the media in Australia. We then find out how extensive the paranormal media is in Australia as compared to in the US.
Tackling the last puzzle piece in the big picture of Australian Ufology, we discuss the perspective of the everyday public with regards to the UFO phenomenon. Bill details some interesting poll numbers that have surfaced in Australia with regards to belief in UFOs. Scraping the bottom of the proverbial barrel, we discuss UFO skeptics, creatures that sadly exist in Australia as well.
Going off in a whole 'nother direction, we discuss the world of Chinese Ufology, which Bill has investigated. He gives some great insight into how the world of civilian Ufology had developed in China since the 1970's. He reveals the remarkable popularity with which the subject has been embraced in the country. We discuss the difficulties of the language barrier between these two worlds, as most of the key Chinese Ufologists don't speak English. Given the perceived tyrannical nature of the Chinese government, we find out how they feel about the civilian UFO research groups that have sprung up in that country. Bill reveals what he has learned about official government investigations into UFOs in China including a bizarre story of an alleged alien infestation in one small town.
Wrapping things up, we find out what's next for Bill Chalker in the near and distant future.
Image: Harry Turner with Bill Chalker in 2004 (Copyright B. Chalker)