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Monday, August 25, 2014

An Alien DNA Paradigm? - a new article in NEW DAWN special issue August 2011


An Alien DNA Paradigm? - a new article in NEW DAWN special issue

I have had an article"An Alien DNA Paradigm?"published in the Spring (September) 2011 issue of NEW DAWN magazine. 

I recommend you seek the magazine out either via hard copy or via an e-copy through the New Dawn web 
Some brief extracts from my article: 

A remarkable clue supporting the enduring idea that UFOs and alien abduction claims might represent credible evidence for alien intervention into human affairs, at an extraordinary and deep level, may have been found in the UFO haunted southern Chinese province of Yunnan. As part of a developing hypothesis I call the alien DNA paradigm, a form of intelligent alien intervention may have occurred in us as humans on planet Earth. We are very primitively tinkering with modifying life forms through transgenics and the like, therefore the idea that someone out there might already have been doing it elsewhere, maybe even here, may not seem so far out.
Evidence for this may also be found in human DNA signatures, particularly among those indigenous cultures that have potent claims of "sky being" lore and land rich in long historical focuses of UFO activity.An extraordinary breakthrough alien abduction case from the other side of the world – right here in the middle of Sydney – had me to pursuing some very strange clues through Asia to Yunnan, China, leading to the hypothesis of the alien DNA paradigm through a long and complex 4 phase investigation.
Phase 1: STRANGE EVIDENCE - 1999 Phase 2: "HAIR of the ALIEN" - 2005 

Phase 3: The Lahu connection (Thailand/China) - 2005/2006
Yang Zheng of the Kunming UFO Research Association indicated his “most dramatic case” occurred in November 2006 (the month after my visit to Yunnan) when thousands of villagers in Zhenyuan Yi, Hani and Lahu Autonomous County of Yunnan Province witnessed 7 white hemispherical shaped objects hovering directly above the property of a local CPC (Chinese Communist Party) cadre for nearly two hours. The objects appeared to keep changing shape. As it was a small village word soon spread and many villagers arrived to witness the sighting. They started pursuing the objects but the UFOs soon disappeared. I had been in the Lahu territory a few weeks earlier. This seemed a compelling confirmation of the potential breakthrough research focus.
The Lahu people, via the DNA clue from the Khoury hair sample, may be connected with the apparent “Nordic hybrid” being, both through their DNA and their locality, which we found to be rich in UFO and unusual light phenomena. These investigations dramatically consolidated valuable UFO data from China, particularly in theprovince of Yunnan.
Phase 4: the global alien DNA nexus 
The preliminary focus on the Lahu addressed in Phase 3 suggested that the “alien DNA paradigm” hypothesis could be evaluated and tested in terms of a long term focus on groups of people like the Lahu in Thailand & China, the Kayapo and their Bep Kororoti tradition in Brazil, the Zulu connection (per Credo Mutwa) in Africa and other peoples whose traditions and localities seem steeped in alien lore. Should all of the highlighted factors, particularly possible unusual DNA markers, become well established, we will have compelling evidence for the possibility of “intelligent intervention” by possible aliens.
During 2009 and 2010 China experienced a large wave of UFO sightings many supported by photographs and videos, much of it inYunnan province. Professor Zhang Yifang of the Yunnan Universityphysics department and president of the Kunming UFO Research Association spoke out publicly on the reality of UFOs and aliens in China., convinced that “extraterrestrials exist”, adding, “I am convinced, because I am a physicist and an astronomer.” He reported that UFO sightings “are mostly in Yunnan, Xinjiang, and Heilongjiang. The history of UFOs in Kunming (the capital of Yunnan) is great. Sightings are commonplace.” Professor Zhang’s statements were reported widely in China. I met him in Kunming in Yunnan in 2006 and made a detailed presentation to university faculty members and Yunnan UFO researchers. 
(Photo: Professor Zhang Yifang is pictured here in a tan coloured coat next to me, along with Yunnan University faculty members and Yunnan UFO researchers in 2006. Photo copyright: Bill Chalker)
The Fermi Paradox looms large here. If aliens exist where are they! The simplest answer is they are already here, have been here, still are, and the ultimate answer awaits mainstream science’s serious open minded embrace with the UFO question rather than the litany of lost opportunities the sorry history of UFOs and science has revealed up till now. A potent and well funded serious science of ufology which focuses on UFOs, alien encounters and alien abduction accounts would be a powerful change to the unscientific approach that has been the way of mainstream science’s nervous dance with the subject up till now.
The DNA found in the strange hair sample implicated in the alien abduction experience of Peter Khoury had a striking array of DNA anomalies. Until the “Hair of the Alien” evidence came along the claims that alien abductions might involve hybrid beings was just unsubstantiated speculation. Now evidence had been revealed that may support such a bizarre scenario. Its not conclusive evidence, but it is enough of a potent breakthrough to argue that the research direction it inspired is a very worthwhile hypothesis to pursue. I have created a blog site that focuses on this fascinating area. I have put an introductory essay up on the site – “The Alien DNA Paradigm – an introduction” at

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